Block’em Pop’em Puppets

$95.00 - $240.00
Block’em Pop’em Puppets

***For regular wood set, please go to our kickstarter page link below

*All Handmade.

*Two materials to choose from
-Partial skateboard
-Mostly Skateboard

*This is a very basic set with no mechanical features.

*Comes with a replacement set of weapons.

*The set DOES NOT have interchangeable weapon feature.

*Weapons include sharp object. Please play at your own risk. We are NOT responsible for any injuries.

*Please keep the weapons away from small children.

*This item has at least 8 weeks waiting time. Waiting time may vary due to order volume. There might be a delay. However, we are going to try our best to ship the orders out on time. If there's anything changed, we will give you an update.

*As we are operating as a small business, all sales are final. No returns. No refunds.Please think twice before placing the order.