Weapons for Block’em Pop’em WoodBots (Wood)(Single)

$7.50 - $15.00
Weapons for Block’em Pop’em WoodBots (Wood)(Single)

*The weapons are sold by SINGLE. If you want a pair, please choose the amount 2.

*This item is for mechanical fighters(Block’em Pop’em WoodBots), not for Block'em Pop'em Puppets or mini fighters.

*The weapons are made using regular wood. If you want to buy weapons made out of recycled skateboards, please go to the other list in the shop.

*Weapons include sharp object. Please play at your own risk. We are NOT responsible for any injuries.

*Please keep the weapons away from small children.

*This item has 5-6 weeks wait.

*No returns No refunds. All sales are final.